Farming FAQ

1. How to start farming?

Read tutorial here:

2. What is the APR with (LP)?

This is the APR for the transaction rewards of your LP.

3. How do I check my LP transaction fee rewards after staking LP token?

After staking LP token to the farm, your liquidity won't show on the pool page, and you're still getting LP transaction fee rewards, but you cannot check them directly.

If you want to check your LP details or remove liquidity, you need to unstake LP token first.

4. Why my NETT rewards become 0 after I staked more LP token into the farm?

After staking more LP token into the same farm, your previous NETT rewards will be harvested automatically, check your wallet and you'll find those NETT.

5. How to get LP token (NLP)?

After providing liquidity into the pool, you'll get NLP (LP token) of this pair automatically.

6. What is the "2x Reward Farm" on farm page?

Double rewards farm with both NETT and ?token rewards.

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