NETT Governance Model

A big part of the value proposition of NETT’s governance is that it is highly community-driven. Because there are no insiders, such as investors, team members, or other such stakeholders, the development of Netswap remains entirely up to the wider community. Netswap governance will be live three months after launch and will enable several key actions, including but not limited to:

  • Modifications to the liquidity pools

Initially, the distribution of tokens will be entirely through the liquidity mining pools listed in the previous section. The liquidity mining period will remain active until the pools are altered or another community initiative is accepted as a formal governance proposal. Proposals may add and subtract liquidity mining pools or may allocate NETT directly to a user or a smart contract such as a community treasury.

  • Activating the swap mining program

Initially, the 99% of tokens, or 99 million tokens, can only be mined by the liquidity mining program. But we still keep a swap mining switch in our router contract. A proposal of activating swap mining is decided by the community.

  • Stake to participate in the launchpad

We will launch the functionality of a launchpad in the near future. NETT and Metis Token holders have the right of participation. More details of launchpad and more supported tokens will be announced in the future.

  • Proposals for more use cases

As a native asset on the Metis layer2, we believe that the NETT token still has a lot of potential to be used. Therefore, the community is encouraged to make proposals for using NETT tokens in the future.

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