Stake NETT to earn different incentives

What is StakingRewards?

StakingRewards is a place where you stake NETT into it for a while and later you will be able to claim specific rewards from it.

How to participate in StakingRewards?

  • Head over to the Stake page from Earn menu

  • Select the pools under 'Stake NETT to earn tokens'

  • Deposit your NETT (you will need to confirm the transaction in your wallet)

  • Select Unstake&Claim when you wish to claim rewards and leave the pool

  • Congratulations, you have now claimed other token rewards!

There is a long-term StakingRewards pool where you can earn Metis rewards due to our Builder Mining Rewards Giveback plan. There will be Metis rewards deposited into this pool monthly!

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