General FAQ

1. How do I buy $NETT?

Read the tutorial here:

2. Where can I see NETT price chart?

Find NETT price chart on Dexscreener:



3. Where can I see the APR for Liquidity Pairs?

Go to Chart Page - Pairs:

Click the specific pair you want to check, then you'll get the current APR.

4. Where can I see my LP transaction fee rewards? And how can I claim it?

Go to, enter your wallet address and click "Load Account Details", then you'll be able to check your LP transaction fee rewards.

LP transaction fee rewards are split between both assets equally, and they are distributed when you remove liquidity. For example when you remove 50% of your liquidity, you get 50% of your rewards. When you remove 100% of your liquidity, you get 100% of your rewards.

Also your LP transaction fee rewards are added to your liquidity position automatically.

5. Why am I getting an error when I try to stake/claim saying I have wrong RPC?

This should be an incompatibility problem caused by Chrome versions, operating systems, or other plug-ins factors, you can try it again on another browser.

6. Why does my swap failed?

Usually failed swap transactions are caused by insufficient gas fees or large price movement. If you have enough $METIS for gas fee, set the slippage tolerance to 1% or higher.

Also be aware of the local time of you desktop, which must equal the actual time of your location.

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