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Bridge Tokens

Before enjoying the lightspeed and low-cost transactions on NetSwap, you need to Bridge your assets to Metis Andromeda Layer 2 network first.
Available bridge services:
Metis Bridge, BoringDAO, Celer Network, Relay Chain, Poly Network, Synapse Bridge, O3Swap, Multichain
you can now bridge to/from Metis Andromeda and BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, and GnosisChain and many more chains.

Step 1: Select Bridge

Click "Bridge more tokens" on the swap panel
Select the bridge you want to use

Step 2: Visit the external bridge services and follow their tutorials to use

Metis Bridge

How to use Metis Bridge to get your Metis/m.USDC/m.USDT/m.WOW/m.LINK/WETH bridged to Metis Andromeda Layer 2 network.

Relay Bridge

Watch Relay Bridge video user-guide.


How to use Poly Bridge to get your Metis(BSC)/CAKE/BNB/BUSD bridged to Metis Andromeda Layer 2 network.


Synapse Bridge



Celer Network